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Meaningful, actionable, automated alerts

Be the first to know about problems in your data pipelines. Use anomaly detection to eliminate thousands of manual alert rules and prevent problems from reaching your users.


Automatic alerts for every data quality attribute

Bigeye learns your data's historical behavior and automatically determines thresholds for every data quality attribute—giving you meaningful and actionable alerts with zero manual effort.

Automated alerts that adapt over time
Eliminates thousands of manual and fragile
alert rules
Starts working on day one with no waiting period
Easily adjustable tolerance levels
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Anomaly detection engine

Powered by groundbreaking machine learning

Our proprietary anomaly detection engine is designed with a 5-stage processing pipeline that captures key behavioral patterns in your data and learns over time.

Independent models for each data quality attribute
Automatically adapts to seasonalities and trends
Reduces false positives to prevent alert fatigue
Detects and adapts to major pattern changes
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Smart alerts

Alerts when you want them, where you want them

Bigeye provides useful, actionable alerts directly to your preferred channel. Manage alerts directly from your chat app to reduce noise and simplify response.

Meaningful alerts delivered where you want them
See quality insights in your data catalog or BI tool
No manual configuration or fine-tuning required
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Reinforcement learning

Anomaly detection that learns with you

Bigeye lets you rate every alert and evolves based on user feedback. It will also detect patterns in your data and automatically adjust to streamline alerting.

Reinforcement learning
Keep a log of alert feedback over time
Help Bigeye focus on what matters to your business
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Bigeye helps us detect one to two major issues a month and gives us time to fix them before they impact our users — plus many smaller issues on a daily basis.

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Kenny D’Amica

Director of Data Science

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